Monday, January 21, 2008

Lucky to still be alive

I wasn't too thrilled last night when I found out I had a dentist appointment in Murray during my holiday. I woke up extra early today to call and find out what time I had to be there, and when I found out that time was 10:30, and that it was snowing so hard, I thought I should leave right away to give myself plenty of time.

I haven't been so upset in recent memory when I was stopped on the freeway around Thanksgiving Point due to traffic. It was a full half hour before I moved faster than 5 miles per hour again. I was so so so so irritated. By the time I was able to drive at a comfortable speed, I made a bad decision: I tried to release some of my frustration by driving faster than was safe. Around 45th south, I drove too aggressively right into about six inches of dirty slush, which sent me spinning 180 degrees. The next thing I knew, I was looking into the faces of the people behind me.

I think one of my strengths is staying way calm in a situation such as this. I simply waited for a large gap in traffic, all the while hoping that everyone who passed me would become aware of me in time to slow down. I eventually got turned around and made it to the dentist only about 10 minutes late.

I was reminded again today how important it is to drive carefully in this weather, no matter how much I loathe it.


Cassidy said...

It was 57 degrees and sunny here today. I know that Las Vegas is the WORST place on earth, but can you really beat that weather?

Sarah-Ashley said...

Jordan, I am so glad you are ok. I hate driving in this weather and do just about everything I can to avoid it. I would have cancelled that appointment for sure. A similar thing happened to me last March, I ended up stuck for about an hour. Luckily a kind snow plow driver plowed all around my truck so I could be released. If I ever move away from here, you better believe it will be a place with underground public transportation or no snow.

Melissa said...

How unsettling.

A few years ago, in similarly treacherous conditions, another car slid (very slowly) into the driver's side of my car. I can't stand the feeling of being completely powerless to stop something bad from happening.

Matt and Allison said...

Way to be proactive about your tooth health! I wouldn't have gone to the appointment. I'm glad you are ok, what a scary situaion.

Elizabeth said...

this brings up memories of turning right into oncoming traffic while the following calm conversation happened:

Emily: You are driving on the wrong side of the road.
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Emily: You're on the wrong side of the road.
Me: Oh.
Richard: (with an english tea kettle) Anyone for a spot of tea?

At which point I drove over the median.

bridgerw said...

Jordan, I hate driving in the snow!

Craig said...

Well, regardless, your appointment was worth it. What if you had had a cavity?!

Matt McFarland Photography said...

The cliche response was "what do you think, I'm here for my health?"

The Murdocks said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. I can't help but picture you swerving around every car with the evil eye just pissing off to linkin park...thinking you are so much better than everyone. Ok...for reals though...there is nothing I despise more than driving over the point of the mountain in a blizzard. I am terribly sorry you had to endure a near-accident experience. I remember doing a 180 in front of Bingham, without a car in sight, thinking for sure my life was over.

Hillary said...

Jordan, If you lived where I do, this would never happen to you as it never snows in the Bay Area. That's way scarry, though. I'm glad you're OK.