Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Amazon has awesome customer service.

My best guess is that everyone who will read this post has made a purchase or two from But I don't guess that everyone who will read this post has had to interact with an employee at's call center before.

This is a good thing. I take it to mean that Amazon's website works seamlessly enough so people don't have to call them up with complaints or complications. I did have to call them, but it turned out the problem I faced was entirely my fault.

For my birthday, my sister had given me an electronic gift card to Amazon (such a wonderful wonderful gift), which was easier to apply to my account than I could have imagined. I planned to use it in the near future, but I wasn't sure just then what purchase I would apply it to.

Last night--late--I decided to buy a Logitech mouse with Bluetooth technology for my computer. I'll be doing some large projects on my computer soon and thought having a mouse would be a little more convenient than only using the laptop's track pad. When I went to make my purchase, however, I noticed that the money from the gift card was no longer applied to my account. I could only think to call someone at Amazon to see what they could do, but it was so late, I thought there was no way I could talk to someone and get the problem fixed that night.

Despite my doubts, I did a search for the Amazon's customer service phone number and was impressed to see a button labeled "We'll Call You!" right next to the toll-free number.

So I don't have to make the call and be put on hold? I thought. Someone will actually call me and save me all that time? I was so curious to see if this was too good to be true, I thought it was worth a shot.

Please keep in mind it was nearly 1:00am when I clicked the call button. Within a matter of twenty seconds, I was on the phone with one of the friendliest people I had ever spoken with over the telephone. The gentleman helping me told me that I had set up two Amazon accounts by mistake, and that the money from the gift card was applied to my other account. He logged me in to that account, I made my purchase, and now we're in the process of closing down my unnecessary account.

I just loved the whole experience. I love good customer service and now I've got three companies on my list of Greatest Customer Service Givers. I recommend any of these to you:


It's nice to know that these people genuinely care--or at lest they make me believe they do time and time again.

I'd love to hear your great customer service experiences. Make some recommendations to the rest of us. If we all band together, none of us will ever have to suffer through Best Buy-esque customer service again.


Sarah-Ashley said...

I love good customer service too Jordan. Great customer service I have experienced has come from:
-J.Crew over the phone (these people are SO kind, they help you with sizing, matching etc.)
-Utah Central Credit Union (they took an over draft charge off with a very small explanation of what happened)

One place I think has a good reputation for great customer service is Nordstrom, and I don't think they deserve that reputation. Generally speaking, their customer service is barely satisfactory.

bridgerw said...

I've never heard of this "we'll call you" thing, but it sounds brilliant. Hopefully I'll have plenty of problems with Amazon in the future so I can take advantage of this revolution in customer service.

millisue said...

What about 1800contacts Jordan? They train us to be the best! Loved your story and I will definitely shop at Amazon and oust Best Buy from now on! Oh and I absolutely love Costco! In my opinion, I think our government should be run by the CEO. He knows his crap!

Melissa said...

Well done, Amazon.

I once experienced some great customer service at the Hale Center Theater after I was hit in the head by a flying umbrella during a production of Singing in the Rain (I am not making this up). I think fear of a lawsuit can provide great motivation.

Matt , Allie, & Kate said...

Tmobile has bad customer service over the phone. After 10 minutes of arguing with the sales person about giving free shipping, ( it was deserved) I asked to speak with a manager. I was on hold for 10 more minutes, then the same rep got back on and said, "ok, I'll give you free shipping." I'm pretty sure he put me on hold and played solitaire for 10 minutes. Annoying. Although, I am 99% sure I did that as a phone rep.

Cassidy said...

I love this post and the best buy one as well. I laughed hard when I saw that Costco graphic and I laughed even harder when I read Melissa's comment on here about Hale Center Theater.

Elizabeth said...

Jordan. I have had great experiences with customer service with:
-Wells Fargo Bank (believe it). I literally said to the rep. "you have saved my day."
-USAA insurance

Also - Lynn! once had a pair of shoes from Nordstrom and didn't like them. Those shoes came up in a semi-casual conversation with a Nordstrom sales rep and he said "bring them to me and i will refund them." Lynn replied that it had been over a year since her purchase and she didn't have the receipt. And again he said "bring them to me and I will refund them." you can imagine lynn!'s reaction and the bucket-loads of money she spend there afterwards.

i would also like to share a phone conversation I had while working in NYC. (we had auditioned a for a show called "cheer!")
ME: I'm calling to tell you that you've earned a spot in the workshop.
DANCER: You're kidding! Wow! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I cannot believe this. Thank you! You Rock!
ME: Well, on behalf of the Cheer Production Company I'd like to assure you that it is you who rock.

and he looooved it. that's not really customer service but I would like to hear that sometime on the phone after I've been given some sort of rebate.

Jarrard said...

Most of the time, I only notice customer service when it is really bad. Guitar Center has time and time again given me awful customer service, if any at all. The only reason I return is because it has the lowest prices for a walk-in music retail store in the state.

However, there have been times when I have experienced the best customer service. My top three:

1. Dave at the South Towne Shapiro. I walked in looking for a taser, I left with a friend. When I first saw him walking towards me, I thought, "...great, I'm going to be talked into buying an expensive chess set." But he turned out to be the most helpful person I ever met in retail.
2. Brooke at Bankcard Services, Zions Bancorp. This was just recently, and I called her when had some questions on a client's account. She was the most proficient of all internal customer service representatives I have ever met.
3. Me. When I wasted my life away as a phone person, hundreds of people would ask to speak to the manager after I helped them and say: "Your company needs more James-es." Not kidding. Also, dozens of clients only come to me for questions and help at the bank, and it makes me feel fantastic.

J and E Mayfield said...

Please add Lon's BBQ to that list. I'd recommend it to anyone all because of the man behind the counter. Shout out to RAPHAEL- BEST SERVICE EVER

just corby said...

The use of bold text in your comment makes me wonder how genuine the recommendation of the cheeseburger is. Because I'm am so serious when I say I'm thinking of trying it.

Plus also, Amazon does have the best customer service in the whole universe. Like you need more proof but my copy of Harry Potter #7 wasn't delivered on the release date as promised and so I received a complete refund as well as an overnighted copy. I think that kind of service is impossible to top.

Lindsay & Mark said...

SO HAPPY YOU HAVE A BLOG. That's it...I'm adding you to my friends list. Yay!

The Murdocks said...

Would you please update your dag gum blog? I am dying to hear more.

Aaron and Jessie said...

Hey cuz I just discovered you had a blog - love it! Where you at these days?

Heryl said...

So Jordan, I have to completely agree with Sara-ashley. I once was desperate to find these special seasonal aqua blue converse shoes. They were going to be a surprise for my friends birthday. The problem was these shoes did not seem to exist. I then ventured into the acclaimed "Nordstroms" due to their "wonderful costumer serve". I was then shocked and horrified when I humbly asked for help, but to no avail. The employees basically brushed me off and sent me to antoher store without looking back. I am glad Amazon treated you better. I