Thursday, September 07, 2006

Füssen and Nuremberg


It’s now September 7 and I just arrived in Nuremberg to a seriously nice hotel. There is a computer in the lobby with free internet access, so it looks like I’ll be able to post my blogs, plus a bunch of pictures which I’m excited about. I think some of them turned out pretty well.

After Munich, I went with seven others from our group to the town of Füssen, right close to the castle Neuschwanstein. This is seen as a sort of tourist trap, but it was seriously awesome—well worth the trip. I’ve got some pictures of that on my snapfish account.

Arriving in Füssen was kind of exciting. We arrived around 8:00pm and had nowhere to stay. Things close really early in Germany—hotels included, so we were very pressed for time. We walked to the hostel where we thought there might be some room (they had 130 beds, for crying out loud), but a huge group had just come in taken nearly all of them. Walking back toward the train station, we spotted Suzanne’s Bed and Breakfast. We rang the doorbell and were greeted by a woman—from Ohio of all places—who immediately started being rude to us. She told us she had room for all eight of us and would hold the room for ½ hour, not any longer because for her “to stay up so that we can find a cheaper place is totally ridiculous” to paraphrase her. She was seriously not a pleasant lady. We went to get the rest of our group (looking for cheaper hotels on the way, despite what Suzanne said) and didn’t find any that were open. Suzanne’s place was nice and clean, it’s just that she was so unpleasant it was uncomfortable. But luckily we didn’t have to deal with her too much. So if you ever go to Füssen, I would not recommend Suzanne’s Bed and Breakfast; find another place. Füssen itself was wonderful. We ate Turkish Dönner Kebaps and Italian ice cream. Plus I had an American hamburger and French fries at a Vietnamese restaurant on the main street in town. And it was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had.

We left Füssen this morning, caught the train back to Munich and made our connection to Nuremberg. I have a serious tail bone injury that I have no idea how I got. But sitting is miserable, so the entire way from Füssen to Munich was very uncomfortable. Thankfully I packed some Loritab, took two of those for the second leg of the trip, and have never slept so well on a moving thing: car, train, or plane. I feel great right now.

Nuremberg is extremely cool. The old part of town is still very medieval—the wall still surrounds the center—and our hotel is right in the center of it all. It’ll be fun to have some time tomorrow to go exploring. From here we go to many places fast: Frankfurt for one night, Mainz (where Gutenberg printed) for about a day, Bacharach (where we’ll stay in a castle on the Rhine, from what I understand), then to Bonn, Cologne, Hamburg (maybe), and finally to Berlin. All this traveling has been awesome, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to settling in one place for a while.

Try to enjoy the pictures. There's only one there now due to time contraints, but check back periodically. I'll try to figure it all out and post more. Let me know what you’re all up to.

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We can all tell you're doing a great job! Let me know when you meet up with Punktensteinteddybearkins!

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