Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good to be blogging


I hope this is going to be an acceptible forum for all of you to read my blogs. As many of you know I have been off of myspace for some months now and have done ok, but now that I have more and more friends who live far away and the fact that I'll be leaving soon for a couple of months has been enough encouargement to find a new blog site and to start blogging again. And it feels pretty good.

There are a lot of improvements in my new blog, maybe you can tell, but the best of which, in my opinion, is the elimination of double spacing between my sentences. It gives my writing a way more stream-lined, toned look.

I'm still going to be testing this new site out, so any feedback would be helpful. I hope there is some way that some of you can subscribe to the blogs I write so you don't have to continually check this site (assuming you're interested in what I'm doing), but maybe bookmarking the website is a good idea?

So I'm back on the Web.


bridgerw said...

I think people are really going to respond to this.

Melerm said...

Jorbagio, I have no idea how this works, because, well...its not msn. But I love it so far! It looks great and to be honest, it made me excited to see new improvements! Today was the mountain to mountain, and I will be honest, I'm a little dissapointed in myself, that my body is just not getting takin care of, but I'm also happy because I was about to die on that hill, and it was only the first! But i'm So proud of you guys for sticking to it! All of you guys inspired me in ways that can't be explained through words, just watch my new behavior and how motivated I am in life now..um. Keep it nothing but real jorbagio....Peace out!